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Varieties of Rice in India

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India is one of the richest countries in the world India in terms of possessing tremendous diversity in rice varieties. There are different varieties of rice-depending on the weather, soil, structure, characteristics and purposes.

According to Dr. Richaria, one of the most eminent rice scientists of the world, 4,00,000 varieties of rice existed in India during the vedic period. He estimated that, even today 2,00,000 varieties of rice exist in India which is indeed an exceptionally high number. This means that even if a person eats a new rice variety every day of the year he has to live for over hundred years without reusing a variety. Every variety has a specific purpose and utility. The harvesting area of rice in India is the world's largest. Rice cultivation is found in all the states of India, but West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa and Bihar are the major rice producing states. About 600 improved varieties of indica rice have been released for cultivation since 1965.


ASD-16 Rice ASD-17 Rice Gauri Rice
Gayatri Rice Hari Rice Heera Rice
HKR-120 Rice IET-10222 Rice IET-8548 Rice
Jaya Rice Kalyani-II Rice Kanak Rice
Karna Rice Kshira Rice Lalat Rice
Mahaveera Rice MDU-3 Rice Moti Rice
Narendra Dhan-118 Rice Padmini Rice Panvel-2 Rice
Pathara Rice Prasanna Rice Ratnagiri-1 Rice
Ratnagiri-2 Rice Seshu Rice Sonasali Rice
Sravani Rice Srinivas Rice Tara Rice
Vanaprabha Rice Vikas Rice Vikramarya Rice
Vivek Dhan-62 Rice VL Dhan-163 Rice

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