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How to buy agricultural land

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INVESTMENT in the agricultural land, as a real estate, can rated prime amongst many available, property-options . Realty, citizen are getting into cultivates like horticulture, dairyming ,forestry and farming, the fascination and expectations. This trend is emerging and increasing steadily . The businessmen, industrialists, builders and financiers are plunging into this various activity , with unknown enthusiasm . Even upper middle class is ushering into this traded investment land. Some have already jumped into it and some others are ready to jump to it. “ Farm-owner” seems to the newest status-symbol. How to acquire this enchanting a enthralling status symbol? There is an attempt to provide sidelines to an incumbent deciding to be the owner of an agriculture land.
Agriculture and human life have direct nexus since times immemorial and every civilization has robbed and prospered amidstesh forestry and agriculture . The propriety of foodcrops, fruits, flowers, seeds beans , leave, herbs, wood, fodder, timber etc. products grown on the earth is innumerable and catering too! Mother Earth has in there for us , various mineral and rental deposits beneath and, various crops and plants on the surface to supplement human life. Man was an agriculturist first and progressed to today’s level therefrom. Agricultural has several branches which can be enumerated as follows :-

1) Horticulture

2) Floriculture

3) Sericulture

4) vegiculture

5) Poultry-farming

6) Dairy Farming

7) Bee-keeping , etc.

Agriculture land and operations in Maharashtra are regulated by three pieces of legislation viz. 1)The Bombay Tenancy and Agriculture Lands Act, 1948 .2) The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code ,1966 & 3) The Maharashtra Agricultural lands (Ceiling on Holdings) Act, 1961. The legal terminology used in these legislations are briefly summarised here below for clearer understanding of the working and dealing later on.
The term “ Agriculture” carries the usual and popular meaning and includes horticulture too. Agriculture , thus , encompasses the raising of crops and grass and fruits and flowers, but it does not include allied pursuits like diary ,poultry , grazing , livestock-breeding and wood-cutting . However, the use of the land for the grazing of one’s own agricultural cattle abovestated definition should be applied to determine whether an activity or pursuit is Agricultural or otherwise.

The term “ land Revenue” means all sums or payments in money , received or legally climbable by or on behalf of the state Government from any person on account of any land or interest therein . The land revenue includescess , rate, premium, rent , lease-money ,quit rent , Judi or other fees and charges declared under any rule ,act, contract or scheme. Correspondingly, Non Agricultural Assessment Tax means the assessment tax fixed on any land put to use for a non-agricultural purpose.

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