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Insurance - Protect Your Yields-Not By Accident

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Insurance for fruit / vegetable crops-an essential infrastructure of investments.
Under growing the field of investments under the commercial horticulture / plantation ventures, it is of paramount importance to have a cushion for insurance for successful long term sustainance of this activity. 'The Oriental Insurance Company Limited' a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation Of India having head quarters at New-Delhi, continuously ponder over this idea.

As a dependable insurance company for the past 50 years and as such we have customer oriented insurance covers for the following crops. 1). grape, 2). citrus (orange, lime, sweet lime), 3). chickoo (sapota), 4). pomegranate, 5). apple, 6). banana, 7). strawberry.

However we only hope for a serious and specialized insurance policy for each and every crop and in this direction out R&D cell is currently in the process of collecting required data viz., 1). life cycle of a particular crop, 2). normal threshold yield, 3). periodical records / recommended horticultural and management practices, 4). schedule of fertigation / pesticide operations, 5). 1 to 3 years data on crop cuttings / fruit or flower or vegetable yield and losses incurred by grower farmer and reasons thereof.

An insurance policy normally designed to cover an insured weather owner or tenant engaged cultivation of one or more crops or the name of an association or an organized or registered body of farms engaged in cultivation of the specified crops where such association or body has been formed and is functioning for the purpose of procurement of inputs, processing, marketing of the produce provided particulars of each member-farmer recorded in a schedule. A standard horticulture / plantation policy undertake to cover to the extent of loss or damage to the insured item occasioned by operation of any one or more of the following perils either in isolation or in concurrence;
1). Fire (including forest fire and bush fire), 2). Lightening, 3). Storm, Hailstorm, Cyclone, Typhoons, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado whilst in direct and immediate operation over the insured area, 4). Flood and inundation (inspection report is necessary to cover these risks), 5). Riots and strikes.

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