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What is soil? It is difficult to explain in a single sentence. It depends on what you use for. For an earth mining engineer soil is a useless thing and removes it. A highway engineer looks for gravel and rocks. For a farmer soil is everything for his life and precious. At first sight it may be sold substance. But soil contains water, air and organic matter in a certain ratio. There may be slight variations in cultivable soil. But major variations will affect the growth of plants seriously. Plants growing in water logged land may become yellowish. That is because lack of proper air circulation in the soil and it becomes difficult for the plant to breath and will die slowly. Flushing out water will help the plant to grow well.

There are different types of soil. Soil contains more sand, clay, sticky soil etc. Presence of organic matter in soil is very important. That is by the activities of microorganisms like bacteria. Earthworms also plays big role. The life of soil is the microorganisms which digests garbages, wastes, excretions etc. The base of existence of farming is the ability of soil to avail required nutrients. All the required nutrient elements should be there in soil for the plants to grow well. The ability to absorb nutrient elements and providing them to roots of plants is another important factor. Quality of soil increases when ability of absorbing elements presented in the form of ion increases. Fore more details please contact 'Krishy Bhavan' Agricultural offices near to you.

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