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All you wanted to know about organic food

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A special report from the USA!
India is here in every aspect of organic food movement!
What’s so great about organic food?

Food purists are now everywhere.  In the West, why even in India, of course, they are few and far between.  But there is a great awareness these days about organically grown food, vegetables, fruits, cereals and even the way food is cooked and served and much more
Here is a fascinating latest coverage!

Of course there is a lot of difference between organic food in the USA and here in India.  Readers should keep this distinction in mind!

Just eat what your body wants you to eat? Your body wants meat; your  body wants fat; your body wants salt and sugar? Your body will put  up with fruits and vegetables if it must, but only after all the meat, fat, salt and sugar are gone. And as for the question of where your food comes from — whether it’s locally grown, sustainably raised, grass-fed, free range or pesticide-free? Your body doesn’t give a hoot.
But you and your body aren’t the only ones with a stake in this game. Your doctor has opinions about what you should eat.

So does your family. And so too do the food purists who lately seem to be everywhere, insisting that everything that crosses your lips be raised and harvested and brought to market in just the right way. If you find this tiresome — even intrusive — you’re not alone. “It’s food, man. It’s identity,” says James McWilliams, a professor of environmental history at Texas State University. “We encourage people to eat sensibly and virtuously, and then we set this incredibly high bar for how they do it.”

The ideal — as we’re reminded and reminded and reminded — is to go organic, to trade processed foods for fresh foods and the supermarket for the farmers’ market. Organic foods of all kinds currently represent only about 3% of the total American market, according to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), but it’s a sector we all should be supporting more.

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