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Benefits of Parsley plant

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From a medicinal point of view, parsleybehaves as an anticacerous herb (it protects the liver, the intestines against cancer), antirheumatic, stimulant of digestion, of kidneys, eliminating toxins and kidney stones. Moreover, parsley seeds stimulate fertility and helps against dependency upon alcohol and against brain tumors.


Description of Parsley plant

The latin name used for parsley (Petroselinum hortense), is formed from two Greek words: "petros" which means "stone" and "selinon" which means "celery". Parsley seems to be native to the East Mediterranean part from Southern Europe, even though in the Middle Ages parsley was one of the most known spices, used even in Northern Europe. Earlier during the Middle Ages around 3rd century b.c. parsley was used in various foods and in Antiquity people would use parsley leaves to keep a fresh breath.In oriental foods, parsley was a very appreciated ingredient. Presently the United States along with Canada and Europe are the main growers of parsley. The two types grown are: petroselinum tuberosum (for the root) and petroselinum crispum (for the leaves). Due to their flavor, parsley leaves can stimulate food appetite (which is a reason why they are used in soups, salads, and meat foods), while the root is used as a vegetable. From a medicinal point of view, parsley behaves as an anticacerous herb (it helps protect the liver and intestines form cancer), antirheumatic, stimulant of digestion, of kidneys, eliminating toxins and kidney stones. It is important to bear in mind that parsley seeds have an outstanding aphrodisiac effect by stimulating the sexual glands. Moreover, they stimulate fertility and helps against dependency upon alcohol and against brain tumors.

Proprieties and benefits of Parsley

Between 25-30 mg of parsley a day are enough to provide the daily dosage of vitamin C. It is important to mention that parsley contains more vitamin C than lemon, orange or any other fruit. It has abundant quantities of other vitamins and minerals such as: provitamine A, vitamine B, vitamine E, vitamine K, beta-carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, sodium, potassium, sulfur and calcium. It acts like an antioxidant (eliminates toxins and maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels), it is a general stimulant, diuretic, antiseptic, antiinfectious, antirachitic and more. Apart from these, parsley is a great neutralizer of the negative effects brought about by smoking and dependence upon alcohol. Among other effects that it has: it straightens the body and immune system, has a beneficial effect over the liver, spleen, digestive and endocrine organs. 

Mixtures and treatments

From cosmetic solutions for face cleaning or removing of freckles up to treatments of various illnesses, parsley proves to be a wonderful herb. Whether it is asthma, anemia, obesity, rheumatic illnesses, toothaches, indigestions, intestinal parasites, menstrual disorders or even tumors, parsley leaves are an invaluable adjuvant. It is also beneficial for the stomach, kidneys, bladder, blood flow etc.

Parsley infusion

Over two spoonfuls of grained parsley are put in 2 cups of hot water. After about an hour, the mixture is passed through a sieve and is consumed three times a day before meals. The same procedure is to be applied for the infusion made out of parsley seeds. The time for macerating is of about 8 hours, after which the mixture is passed through a sieve. Owing to the quantity of vitamin A (for beauty) and vitamin E (for elasticity) that it contains, parsley has multiple cosmetic effects. Infusion of parsley is used as a face tonic.

Parsley powder

With the help of an electrical grinder, parsley seeds are ground. The resulting mixture is placed in a recipient hermetically closed which would then be kept in the fridge. It is enough to consume half a spoon of parsley 2 to 3 times a day in order to fully enjoy its effects. 

Parsley poultices

The powder obtained from parsley or from the crushed parsley leaves is used to make poultices from which are then applied on areas affected by mosquito bites or itchiness. Caution: in order to obtained the desired effect it is necessary that the poultice to be used for half an hour. 


The products containing parsley are not advisable to pregnant women or those who breastfeed. However they can consume parsley in foods.

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