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The Idukki Organic Project is introduced in Idukki District, Kerala State by KADS Idukki in the year 2002 for the sustainability of Idukki District. The project aims to the small and marginal farmers.

The object of the project:-

ü  To aware the farmers about the need of organic farming.

ü  To make the soil fertile.

ü  Self-sufficiency of the organic foods.

ü  To assure soil and water conservation.

ü  To assure the certification of the farms.

ü  The sustainability of Idukki District and the farmers.

ü  To develop the organic marketing system.

About ICS

IFOAM definition: An Internal Control System (ICS) is a documented quality assurance system that allows an external certification body to delegate the annual inspection of individual group members to an identified body/unit within the certified operator.

This means, in practice that a growers group basically controls all farmers for compliance with organic production rules according to defined procedures. The organic certification body then mainly evaluates whether the Internal Control System is working well and efficiently. The evaluation is done by checking the ICS documentation system and staff qualifications and re-inspecting some farmers.

Criteria for Participation of Farmers

ü  Open to all committed organic farmers irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

ü  Should follow rules and regulations which are provided in farmer's contract between farmers and licensee in simple and local language.

ü  Interested farmers can submit their assessment application in Idukki KADS office, Thodupuzha.

ü  They should also follow the ICS rules and regulations.

ü  Should keep the copy of National Standards.

ü  Should also keep the monthly circulars of ICS.

ü  Should attend the awareness programs of ICS.

ü  Should maintain the farmers dairy correctly

Internal Control System

ICS was established to ensure quality organic farming, processing, storage and marketing. The farmer's agreement comprises all essential elements of regulation 2092/91 and ICS regulations. The ICS aims to ensure the certification cost as low as possible.

Structure of Internal Control System


O.C.G = Organic Cell Group.

O.D.C = Organic District Committee

ICS Staff

Director:  K.G Antony

Executive Director:  G. Pankajashan Nair

Co-ordinator:  Lalithambika Salin

Internal Inspector: Ratheesh Raj
Ajith Kumar K.S




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