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Potato Crop Insurance

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Salient features of this Policy

1.  Unique parametric insurance based on named perils linked to plant population

2.  Available for potato growers contract farming in the potato growing areas

3.  Maximum liability is Rs. 25,000 per acre

4.  Based on partnership model of “grower – producer – financier – insurer”

This insurance policy is applicable to Potato crop cultivated by the farmers in different Potato growing parts of the country.


Scope of Cover

This is an input cost cover starting from a week after planting till 7 days before harvesting. The insurance is by way of indemnity against pecuniary loss suffered by the insured in respect of the cost of inputs on account of the loss or damage (death/ total damage of the plants leading to reduction of the plant population below the threshold number) due to the happening of the insured perils. It shall not apply to the loss of yield/production of potato crop resulting from the insured perils. The policy shall cover and indemnify the insured (in accordance with the claim assessment procedure) in the event of damage of potato crop leading to reduction of plant population below a threshold limit, occasioned by natural calamities like Flood, Cyclone, Storm, Frost and Pest & Diseases (except Late Blight) etc. either in isolation or concurrently during the period of insurance.


Claim Procedure

On happening of any loss or damage, the insured shall give notice to the company within 48 hours (directly or through the financing bank or through the participating organization) and subsequently shall submit a claim in writing within 15 days after loss or damage. The insured shall tender to AIC all reasonable information, assistance and proofs in connection with any such claim. The total cost of inputs per unit area of insurance covered under this Policy shall be deemed to be the amount as specified in the policy, which shall be deemed to have been incurred at a percentage corresponding to the stage of cultivation. The amount of loss assessable under this policy shall be such sum as is arrived at after applying the percentage of death/ damaged plants per acre to the amount of the cost of inputs per acre, at the stage at which the insured peril causing the loss operates, subject to the terms, conditions, salvage, excess and any other deductions.

The insured shall be required to furnish proof of

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