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Planting Lemon Trees for Business

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The lemon tree is a cold sensitive tree that thrives in warm, tropical climates. It can grow upto 30 feet and continue to give fruits for around 30 years. Planting lemon tree requires complete knowledge of the soil type, weather conditions as well as other requirements of the tree. Lemon trees have sharp thorns when they are young.

Conditions for the Growth of Lemon Tree

For business of lemon tree try to have a larger area for plantation of the trees. The more the area the better it is for the tree since it also spreads on a wider scale. Remember to select that area which has enough of sunlight coming there as the trees would require sunlight on a larger scale. The location should be able to provide a distance of 25 feet from other trees, fences and structures. Also they cannot withstand frost and so they will not grow in areas where the temperature may drop down to below 30 degrees, so they don’t survive cold for a long period. Thus you need to grow them in areas with enough of sunlight.

Type of soil Needed for Growing Lemon Tree

You need to check the ph level of the soil which should be between 5.5 to 6.5 you can even add lime to the soil in order to achieve the required levels. The soil needs to be adjusted at least one week before the plant is being put into the soil. Lemons need to be saved from strong winds and also there should be enough of water drainage in the area. They grow well in fertile soil which has organic manure which should be slightly acidic. When planting the tree take special care of your hands or wear gloves in order to avoid any irritation. After the tree has been planted sprinkle nitrogen on the top of the soil around the tree. Add some water in the tree but only a little.

The best aspect of lemon tree is that they are able to tolerate drought, but still add water to the plant when it becomes dry. But never add excessive water to the plant as it may catch rot diseases. The lemon tree blossoms once a year between November and January. During this time, the tree is full of blossoms. After the tree blooms, lemons will begin to appear and it will take around six months for them to mature completely. The lemons which are given preference in the plantation are the Meyer Lemon and Ponderosa Lemon. These are not true lemon but a hybrid variety.


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