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Beet root

BEET ROOT (Beta vulgaris)

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Beet root belongs to the Family Chenopodiaceaea. Roots are good source of sugar. Young tender leaves can be used as greens.


Detroit Dark Red and Imperator.


Beet root can be grown in high ranges from August to January. Well-drained sandy loam soils are best suited for the crop. 
Seed rate is 7 to 8 kg/ha. It is usually grown on ridges to facilitate good root production. Ridges of about 20 cm height are formed 45 cm apart and seeds sown 15-20 cm apart on the rows. The seeds are mixed with fine sand and placed in rows by hand and covered with soil to make it firm around it.Thinning the population may be done as in carrot. Shallow hoeing is necessary to facilitate root growth. When the root starts growing, earthing up should be done.


It is necessary that enough soil moisture is available to help uniform seed germination and growth of plant. The crop requires about 300 mm of water which can be given with 5-7 irrigations.


Apply FYM 20 t/ha as basal. N:P2O5:K2O 75:37.5:37.5 kg/ha is recommended. Full dose of P2O5 and K2O and half dose of N are applied as basal. Remaining half dose of nitrogen is applied as topdressing when the plant starts growing vigorously.


Weeding should be done at regular intervals to keep down the weeds.


Beet leaf miner, flea beetle and beet webworm are the major pests. For controlling the pests, spraying with malathion at 0.1 per cent or rogor at 0.03 per cent is effective.


Damping off, downy mildew, sclerotium rot and beet yellow are important diseases affecting the crop. To control these diseases seed treatment with ceresan @ 2g/kg of seed and spraying the crop with indofil Z-78 @0.2 per cent are recommended.


Roots are harvested 8- 10 weeks after planting. The entire plants are uprooted, the tops removed and roots separated.



The yield of roots is about 25-30 tons/ha.


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