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Agriculture and Life


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LMTC, Kudappanakunnu

0471 2732918

LMTC, Mundayad

0497 2721168

LMTC, Aluva

0484 2624441

LMTC, Malampuzha


PTI, Chengannur

0479 2452277





DLF Kudappanakunnu

0471 2732962

BBF, Kuriottumala

0475 2227485

Jersey Farm, Vithura

0472 2786126

JFEU, Chettachal

0472 2185364





Goat Farm, Parassala

0471 2223099

Goat Farm Komeri,

0490 2303675

Goat Farm Attappadi






PBU Parassala

0471 2201680

PBU Kunnamkulam

0488 5210287

PBF Kappad






CH Chengannur

0479 2452277

RPF Malampuzha

0491 2815206

RPF Kureepuzha


RPF Mundayad


DPF Kolany


Duck Farm Niranam


RPF Kudappanakunnu

0471 2730804

RPF Koovappady

0484 252 3559

RPF Chathamangalam

0495 2287481

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Chief Disease Investigation Office, Palode 0472 – 2840252 Fax:0472–2840262
Avian Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Thiruvalla 0469 – 2700413
National Project on Rinderpest Eradication,Palakkad 0491 – 2520626
Disease Investigation Office, DVC, Kannur. 0497 – 2700184

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Services / Activities

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  • Veterinary Services to animals through Veterinary Institutions across the State
  • Artificial Insemination Services to animals
  • Assistance to farmers to promote various Animal Husbandry Activities
  • Training and extension to farmers
  • Meat inspection of slaughtered animals
  • Control of zoonotic diseases
  • Implementation of Plan schemes and schemes under Peoples Plan
  • Promote fodder production
  • Research and Development
  • Capacity building of technical and administrative staff


  • G2C
  • Toll free number for farmers to address their issues
  • Departmental website to provide extensive information about the
  • departmental activities
  • Downloadable application formats for farmers on website
  • Beneficiary list published on website for information and
  • transparency
  • G2E
  • Web enabled AHEAD software for managing information, inventory, statistics, and reports
  • Web enabled IntraAHD software for disseminating of information like news, notice board postings, GOs, circulars, training calendars etc

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Schemes and Programmes

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1. Strengthening & Reorganization of Veterinary services

  • Strengthening of Veterinary dispensaries / hospital / Polyclinics
  • Strengthening of Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Upgradation of State laboratory for Livestock Marine and Agri products
  • Strengthening of Central Veterinary Stores

2. Biological production complex

  • Production of ongoing vaccines, diluents, antigens and diagnostic reagents
  • Manufacture of new products

3. Expansion of cross breeding

  • Artificial Insemination in animals
  • Supply of AI equipments, gloves, aprons, furniture
  • Modernization of Cattle Sterility Office
  • Awareness camp/Infertility camp
  • Deworming of milch animals

4. Cattle farms

Strengthening of cattle farms

  • The Department has four livestock farms, which promote dairy entrepreneurs by way of supply of good quality young ones, act as demonstrational forms.
  • Procure parent stock with good production potential.
  • Running cost of the farms, repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries
  • Existing farms will be made to function as model farms so as to offer hands on Training
  • Support the Training Centres to provide Specialist training to technicians of our department.

5. Goat farms

Strengthening of goat farms

  • The Department has three goat farms situated in three regions of our state supplying good quality young ones to farmers and providing training facilities to the public.
  • Procure parent stock with good production potential.
  • Conserve indigenous breeds of goats like Malabari and Attapady black
  • Running cost of the farms, repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries etc.
  • Provide assistance to farmers for propagation of Malabari breeds and to build up satellite units.
  • Existing farms will be made to function as model farms so as to offer hands on Training

6. Piggery development

Strengthening of pig farms

  • The aim is to rear high productive stock and supply good quality piglets to promote and propagate pig farming in our state.
  • Procure Parent stock with good production potential.
  • Running cost of the farms, repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries etc.
  • Existing farms will be made to function as model farms as to offer hands on training.
  • Build up Satellite units so as to promote pig farming and increase internal production by providing assistance to weaker sections.

7. Rabbit farms

Strengthening of rabbit farms

  • The Department has one Rabbit farm at Kudappanakunnu and two units at Chathamangalam and Kuriottumala.The aim of the farm is to supply broiler breeds of rabbits to public and to provide direct Knowledge on Rabbit farming.
  • Strengthen the farms with parent stock.
  • Running cost of the farms, repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries etc.

8. Poultry farms

Strengthening of poultry farms

The Department has 10 poultry farms and one turkey farm, which supplies good quality layer chicks and turkey poults to public.

The aim of the scheme is

  • To strengthen these farms and egger nurseries so as to web out a sound backyard system of poultry rearing.
  • To procure good quality parent stock, hatching eggs for use of the farms.
  • To improve/ establish mechanized system of rearing.
  • Existing egger nurseries will be revived and new ones will be established when or wherever necessary.
  • Production of good quality feed will be undertaken.
  • promote backyard system of rearing and distribution of pullets at subsidized rates.
  • Existing farms will be made to function as model farms so as act as demonstrational ones.
  • Running cost of the farms, repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries.

9. Duck farms

Strengthening of duck farms

The only duck farm of our state is located at Niranam in Pathanamthitta district, Which provides and distributes good quality duckling to farmers and public.

  • To procure good quality parent stock with good production potential.
  • To improve/ establish mechanized system of rearing.
  • Conservation and propagation of native breeds will be undertaken.
  • Promote backyard duck farming   by providing assistance to weaker sections.
  • Meet the routine running cost of the farm

10. Information technology modernization

The computerization activities of the department will be strengthened. Required hardware and software will be procured under this programme. It is proposed to build networking at Taluk, District and State level for fast dissemination of data and for effective administration. The Directorate and the District level o0ficers will be modernized to perform and manage in better way.

11. NDDB assisted Animal Disease Control Project

Vaccination against major livestock and poultry diseases are being undertaken through this project. Outbreak of diseases is also managed.

12. Special Livestock Breeding Programme

Calves and buffalo calves in the age group of 4-6 months enrolled and calf feed distributed till 32 months of age ( 36 months for buffalo calves) or till the date of calving which ever is earlier. 25% assistance from government, 25% from local body and 50% by the beneficiary. The significant achievement of this programme we could bring down the age at first calving and to attain better production potential.

13. Extension and training

The main aim of the scheme is to provide an extensive extension network at field level and to strengthen the Livestock Management Training Centre at Kodappanakunnu, Aluva, Malampuzha, Mundayad and Poultry Training institute at Central Hatchery, Chengannur  and to equip and update the departmental technicians and other staff with modern Techniques and practices. Farmers, Para Veterinary Personals, Women, SC/ST beneficiaries, unemployed youth and ex-service men will be imparted training on various disciplines. The extension programme includes livestock shows, exhibitions, Seminars, Film Shows, Calf rallies and other extension programmes. The Livestock Inspectors recruited through PSC will be given Mandatory Training. Refresher Training Programmes for Livestock Inspectors will also be undertaken. Refresher and Induction Training to Veterinary surgeons will also be taken up with the help of well-qualified guest lectures or through Governmental agencies.

14. Food security project

To ensure food security and achieve self sufficiency in milk meat and egg production

II. Centrally Sponsored Schemes

1. FMDCP – Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme

(100% central assistance). This programme will be implemented in the district of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta as per the guidelines of GOI. New districts if selected for implementation by GOI will also be included. Required equipments, instruments, publicity and campaign expenses etc will be met with.

2. National Programme for Rinderpest Eradication

This is a continuing scheme, which aims at total eradication of Rinderpest from the state as part of the National Rinderpest Eradication Programme.   The provision is meant for the expenditure to be incurred as per the guidelines issued by Government of India.
Present Status- under the Scheme stock route Search, Village Search programmes, Zero Surveillance, diagnosis of Rinderpest like diseases are carried out all over the state. 

3. Conservation of Threatened Livestock Breeds ,Small Ruminants, Pack Animals, Poultry & Other Species

Conservation of germ plasm of small breeds of ruminants and ducks in the verge of extinction. Government of India has introduced a new project under 10th plan to conserve the near extinct and threatened breeds using modern scientific conservation tools like cryo preservation of semen/ Ova/ Embryo. Breeds of Goats like Malabari, Angamaly Black of pig and various indigenous breeds of ducks can be conserved through this scheme.

4. Livestock Census

5. Expansion of Poultry and Duck Farms

Outlay is to implement Schemes for strengthening poultry and duck farms as per the guidelines of GOI.

6. Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases

Animal disease surveillance, prophylaxis and control of diseases, awareness programmes, data collection on animal diseases, publication of leaflets, upgradation of laboratories, biological production units etc

7. National Fodder Production Programme

Cultivation of fodder in land available with the government and private sector

8. AH Statistics and Sample survey

The scheme is for continuing the integrated sample survey for the estimation of production of various livestock products and for taking up new service and for launching special studies. Steps will be taken to improve the methodology of collection and analysis of data, making use of computer facilities available. The outlay is to meet the staff cost and other expenses connected with survey.   Training to staff will also be undertaken.

9. Professional Efficiency Development

The registration of Veterinary practitioners and regulation of Veterinary practices in the State will be continued. The outlay is to meet the staff cost, office expenses, maintenance vehicle, buildings, other running cost of the offices etc. A portion of the outlay will utilized for training programmes to Veterinarians as part of Continuing Veterinary education programme.

10. Other Schemes


Assistance to farmer families in the districts of Palakkad, Wyanad and Kasargode in distress and providing a comprehensive package consisting of induction of cattle, supply of feed, insurance coverage, medicines, artificial insemination, calf rearing  etc.


Assistance to farmers of coastal districts affected by tsunami and providing them with livelihood through animal husbandry activities


Assistance to farmers to promote animal husbandry activities and increase the milk meat and egg production of the State


Special project under special livestock package for Kuttanad region and Idukki to mitigate agrarian distress in the region.

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Thiruvananthapuram 0471 2330736
Thrissur 0487 2282153
Kozhikode 0495 2723408

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